Friday, October 2, 2009

Miles and miles of SHOPPING!!

There was shopping as far as my eyes could see and as far as my feet could walk.

I just went from one awesome booth to the next. Most of what I found was in Warrenton. I also shopped Giddings and Fayetteville.

I ended up falling twice on my trip. No one said I was graceful. The first time I fell was when we were buying the trailer. The guy we bought it from had a Segway. When he offered to let me ride it, I jumped right on. He gave me a little lesson on how to manuever on it. He just didn't get to the part about how to get off of the thing. When I went to step off, it put more weight on the right side so it started to turn that way and sent my feet flying. I scraped up my elbow a little.

The second time I fell, I was watching for my DH to come back with the truck and didn't see the pile of stuff on the ground in front of me. I looked like I was sliding into home plate. I had white pants on. How I didn't get dirty, I'll never figure out.

They were even all set for Halloween.

I have spent far more than I had intended to. I just love all of my purchases. Can you see the gingerbread in the trailer? It came from Galveston. Galveston was devastated during Hurricane Ike. So sad. So very sad. I picked up several tables and chairs, a couple of neat dressers, minnow buckets, post office doors, I also found rusty tin ceiling tiles, chandeliers, and lots of other cool stuff. Now where am I going to store all this stuff?


Kim said...

That booth with the doll heads is kind of spooky...way more spooky than the Halloween set up!

I must ask...what are post office doors? The little doors to the post boxes? Or doors to the actual building?

Attic Rat said...

You are right. The doll head booth was kinda spooky.

The post office doors are the little ones that were on the post office boxes. I did find some great doors that came from Galveston. They are architectural salvage from hurricane Ike. I'm thinking of making hall trees out of them.

trash talk said...

It was so much fun getting to meet you and hang out for a little while at the blog party!
Don't feel like th lone stranger...I fell trying to get into the bathroom! I tripped over boxes in my haste and yes, there were witnesses! Cat Daddy slipped and fell in the mud the last day as we were trying to pack up in the mud. He wasn't as lucky as you. He was covered in mud!!!
Hope you come by to see us in the spring.

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

Hmmmm, warrenton:)
it doesn't get much better than that, does it?
were you at the round top antiques show? that's what i'm thinking.

the doll heads..............i want them. i've got about 30 or so and am ALWAYS on the lookout for the nastiest, grossest looking doll heads to add to my collection.

and the funniest thing is that some people think they're cary and wierd.

go figure.

your blog looks great, dear friend!!