Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zapp Hall is Party Central


I agree with Malissa. Zapp Hall is definitely Party Central.

Malissa makes darling photos and postcards with a definite vintage feel. She was set up near Zapp Hall, too. My favorite haunt. It was very nice to meet her. It was also nice to meet her right-hand angel, Rhonda. You should stop by her blog and see what she has been up to.

Malissa had quite a time leading up to the show. She is a real trooper. Her husband took her sick dog to the vet and ended up going into a diabetic coma. He is doing fine now, but it was a very, scary time for them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heidi and Tricia

These girls travel in style and they drove all the way from Arizona to participate in the Fall Show at Warrenton. It was quite an adventure to get to Texas. They took some wrong turns, drove for hours, got stopped by the border patrol, pulled over by the Fredericksburg police, and even ran over a poor little raccoon that was jaywalking.

Meet Heidi Martincic of Paris Montana. She makes gorgeous vintage eclectic salvage jewelry that she sells out of her adorable little vintage Airstream.
My hat is off to any girl who can pull her own trailer! The Houston Chronicle did a nice article featuring Heidi.
You can visit her beautiful blog here.

This is Tricia of Vintage Bliss. She has been published in Somerset Home and Somerset Studio magazines. Tricia teaches classes on scrapbooking, stamping and mixed media art.

You can visit Tricia's blog here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just call me Gabby

I actually enjoyed my second day of shopping way more than the first. I think it's because I found a few good pieces the first day so I could relax, have fun and take it easy. You just don't drive that far and drop everything just to come home empty-handed. Some of these pictures are mine, and some of them are David's (Mindy's boyfriend). David takes great pics.

The area around Zapp Hall was where I headed first. For those of you that don't know, Zapp Hall is where it is happening. I was about to stop and say "hey" to Debbie, but she was in deep conversation (imagine that!) and not wanting to interrupt, I went and visited with Courtney and Sarah.

Sarah was doing some last-minute touches. I think she is very talented to be able to use a curling iron without a mirror and outside to boot.
They make lovely handmade jewelry out of vintage items. Their displays were awesome.
My next stop was to see Mindy of Primtiques, a. k. a. "The P". I don't know how she does it, but she consistently finds unusual, awesome items. She has been know to flag down trucks. Sometimes you have to be bold to get the "good stuff".

Friday, September 24, 2010

Renee and Barbara

This morning, I got up bright and early and went to Warrenton to go SHOPPING!!!

About 10 minutes after I arrived, it started to rain. Not a little, wimpy rain, but a cats-and-dogs downpour. I had my big umbrella and was able to duck in to one of the tents. Hey, you might as well shop while waiting, right?

After the rain, I saw a lady carrying a box that was made out of reproduction license plates and of course asked her the all-important question, "Where did you get that"? She said she found it at a cute booth. "Just turn right at the stained glass, then go left and the tent will be right there".

I even took a short cut and found it right where she said. The tent belonged to Renee Jackson and Barbara Mason. Renee is also known as A Junk Queen and Barbara is Simple Blessings.

We had a lovely chat and I thoroughly enjoyed her tent. Her displays are AMAZING!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ephemera parade

I always thought that ephemera meant "old paper goods", but when I looked up the definition here is what I found:

ephemera n. - 1. anything short-lived or transitory. 2. an ephemerid

I have some ephemera that is over 100 years old. That doesn't sound short-lived to me. I just makes it absolutely precious!

SellaholicMom created a treasury on Etsy dedicated to all sorts of ephemera and I was pleased to be included. She has featured my music book which is over 100 years old. I even got to see the organ that this music was played on. How cool is that?

'*ephemera* what's in your collection?' by Selloholicmom

Showing the many faces of ephemera... It is one of my very favorite items to collect....100% vmteam vintage

Vintage 1940s Chris...

Pages, Pierre Larou...


1902 - Music book ...

Vintage Bette Davis...

Boy Scout Merit Bad...

Dennisons Desk Orga...

Three Vintage Photo...

Pictures from the P...

Vintage Church Fan ...

Baseball Boy Ad Fai...

Mad Magazine Vol. 1...

1956 Rare Vintage C...

Pinup Girl Elvgren ...

Wonder Woman DC Com...

Generated using Treasury HTML code generator by Whale Shark Websites.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A.R.K. sale

A.R.K. (Animal Rescue Kleberg) has sales once or twice a year and I do my best to shop them. They have nice items and it's all for a good cause, too. I arrived about 30 minutes early with my friend, Diane so we could get a spot at the front of the line. I am so glad that today's weather wasn't like yesterday's. I small cool front blew in and it was actually quite pleasant.

ARK usually has some pretty awesome finds and today did not disappoint. Some of the things that I picked up where unusual to say the least. I never thought that I would by a toilet! I also picked up a beer mug that has a built-in whistle. I guess you can test to see if you have truly wet your whistle or not.

I was really happy to find all of this sterling. I just have no idea what I am going to do with it.