Monday, October 26, 2009

Gotta love "free"

Joy called me and she said she had some items that I would probably like. She also told me that she would make me an offer that I couldn't refuse. She knows I couldn't possible turn down "free"!

The darling little yellow table was built way back in 1941! I know because its builder signed and dated it. It has a neat little pullout section and a nice drawer. I think I may put a crystal knob on the drawer. I haven't quite decided yet.

I'm pretty sure that the doll beds are going to get a nice coat of pink paint. The other day, I mixed up a nice, soft shade of pink and it is now my color of choice (at least until it runs out)

The ceiling tin may find its way on top of a birdhouse. Not sure yet. It seems almost too precious to cut up. Almost.

The wire chair is just screaming to become a planter chair. Wouldn't it be great with a foxtail fern sprouting out of the seat?

There are 4 nice pieces of gingerbread but a couple of them are broken. I think that I may salvage parts from the most damaged one to make 3 complete pieces.

Oh, and do you want to guess how many wads of gum are under that black desk?


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Did you say FREE? I want your friend to be MY friend. Great stuff! ~Mindy

Kim said...

You Dang! You are a lucky, lucky woman.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Wow, I love each and every thing in your pic, it's scary how similar that stuff is to my recent finds. We could totally be junkin' buddies!
I missed you in Warrenton, we'll have to hang together in the Spring.
Best of luck in my giveaway!
All the best,

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh! You lucky girl! How exciting. I love your ideas for your awesome stuff!

yvonne said...

Nothing better than free. What great stuff!

Anonymous said...

A woman after my own heart! I can't resist old stuff that needs fixing up either! I think it's an illness..:)

cindy said...

Free is my kind of word. Ohmygosh...those gingerbread pieces are the color!

yapping cat

terra @ said...

I am salivating at the mouth looking at that awesome pile of junk. You sound so much like me when you talked about your boxes of treasures. Aren't those just the best? I go to auctions and I always manage to get way more than the dollar I paid for the box. Once I got 7 boxes for a dollar. HA ha
Love your site.