Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Felt like a Hobo

I had errands and doctors appointments today so I had to drive in to Corpus Christi which is about 45 miles from my home. At my first stop, I slipped on the wet tiles and broke my shoe! Flip flops to be precise. I don't care how graceful you are, you just can not walk in broken flip flops. No way, no how. To top it off, the side of town I was on didn't have any known shoe stores. I had to walk around Corpus Christi barefooted until I bought more shoes. Made me feel like some kind of hobo.
Since I was already on the side of town that Third Coast was on, I had to rework my booth barefooted. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I can't stand dusty feet.
I'm glad that because I'm a junker, I carry a big container of Lysol wipes with me at all times. Ahhh, relief!


yvonne said...

Been there! LOL Will be visiting Third Coast again next week! I know you had a great time on your trip. got some good stuff I bet!!! :)

Kim said...

Oh no! Your booth looks great, though!