Sunday, August 5, 2012

Antiques Road Show Veteran

I am now an Antiques Roadshow veteran. My sister and I got up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Corpus Christi to get there at 7:30 am. I am NOT a morning person so getting up and functioning at that hour is a major feat for me.

We got there just on time and scored an upfront parking space. Being from here, I knew one of the best places to park. Tee Hee.

Once inside, we walked 1/4 of a mile to the other side of the building and got into one of those cattle lines. Since my sister and I were among the first to enter the building, we weren't too far back in line. The first stop is at a table where you are given cards to indicate which line you are to get into next.  Everything flowed very fast and I was in the first line only about a minute.
I was given a ticket to see an Asian Arts appraiser but this item was really an item that a Metalworks appraiser needed to see so I had to take my referral ticket and get in a different line.

I was next up so no big deal. The appraiser told me that these two pieces weren't originally together. They had been "married". He said that the cloisonne egg is modern and the egg cup is English 19th century. I told him that it was a May-December romance. He valued the egg at $10 to $15 and the egg cup at $50 to $75. Based on what I bought it for, I did good. I picked it up at Mary Lewis Kleberg's estate sale.
My next item took me to the other side of the venue and I was first in line for that one as well. I bought a set of books that were all written by Rex Beach at the turn of the century.
All but one book was inscribed by Caesar Kleberg. I guess someone somewhere along the way didn't return his books. LOL The book appraiser said that these books would fetch more $$ around here since not everyone is familiar with the Klebergs or the King Ranch. Living in Kleberg county, we know exactly who the Klebergs are and all about the famous King Ranch.

Even with that, he appraised the set of 7 books to be worth between $250 and $300. SCORE!!

Since both of my items were once owned by very important, local people I was sure that they would want to film me for the show. I guess not.