Friday, September 24, 2010

Renee and Barbara

This morning, I got up bright and early and went to Warrenton to go SHOPPING!!!

About 10 minutes after I arrived, it started to rain. Not a little, wimpy rain, but a cats-and-dogs downpour. I had my big umbrella and was able to duck in to one of the tents. Hey, you might as well shop while waiting, right?

After the rain, I saw a lady carrying a box that was made out of reproduction license plates and of course asked her the all-important question, "Where did you get that"? She said she found it at a cute booth. "Just turn right at the stained glass, then go left and the tent will be right there".

I even took a short cut and found it right where she said. The tent belonged to Renee Jackson and Barbara Mason. Renee is also known as A Junk Queen and Barbara is Simple Blessings.

We had a lovely chat and I thoroughly enjoyed her tent. Her displays are AMAZING!

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Prior said...

Aww, LOVE that clock, sure wish I was going, Glad you are having a good time! Lezlee