Saturday, January 23, 2010

Year-end analysis

While it is true that I've only been in my shop since September, I decided to do an analysis last night to see how my sales break down. Thanks to having everything on a spreadsheet already, it didn't take but a few minutes.

I divided my sales into smalls, furniture, and my vintage-inspired art. Smalls, which by far is the easiest to deal with in the booth only accounted for 15% of my total sales. I like smalls because they really do not entail much work out of me. Buy it, price it, place it.

Next in line is the furniture. This includes the furniture that I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase and place as well as those pieces that I have cleaned up, painted, and put my touch to. The furniture, which you would think would be my bread and butter, only accounted for 20% of total sales.

The largest catagory is my vintage-inspired art which is a whopping 65% of my sales. As an artist, this really charges the ego. Good for the ego, but it DOES keep me busy!


yvonne said...

That's great Teresa the way you keep track of things and good to know your art is selling more than anything else. thanks for the info you sent me. I never used the candle, I had just sanded places. So that's a good tip. Love the pink "candleleer"

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

That's very, very interesting! I don't make any vintage-inspired stuff (but have thought about it), but my sales are probably 90% smalls. In fact, December was one of my best months, and I only sold 1 measly (under $100) piece of furniture. You've inspired me to do an analysis of my own..... Glad to hear you've done this analysis and are continuing with your endeavor!

Lee Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments about Gabriel. He has my heart!

I love the pink candelier! Beautiful! My computer is frozen so I am having to use my little boy's laptop. I can't post any new pictures to my blog until mine gets fixed.I did get to finish my hutch though. It turned out so pretty. I will post about it soon.

Lee Laurie

Sea Dream Studio said...

Love your year-end wrap-up! How cool is it that your art is selling so well! YEA!
Hope your neck is better soon! xoxo