Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hurricane Ike Hall Tree

Back in September of 2008, hurricane Ike paid a visit to the upper Texas coast devastating everything in its path. Galveston was one of the areas which was particularly hard-hit. Ike had a pretty powerful storm surge. Not a good thing.

When I was on my buying trip to Round Top, I came across a glorious pile of architectural pieces. These pieces were all salvaged from Galveston by a Galveston resident after hurricane Ike paid its visit. All kinds of doors, pieces of gingerbread, windows - you name it. Enough to make you just absolutely drool. Drool, I did. I made myself quite a stack - a $200 stack.
Today, I finished the hall tree I've been working on. It is even wired up with a light! I had a super time designing it. In fact, I was so excited about it, I had trouble falling asleep!
Beyond The Picket Fence


yvonne said...

Great job and love the color. That's the kind of thing I use to do when I loved in Boerne. It's so much fun! arch. salvage pieces.

trash talk said...

YOU BUILT THAT??? All by yourself??? I am so impressed...girl, my idea of a hammer is a high heel shoe. You did's beautiful! Will I be seeing you in the spring? I sure hope so.

cindy said...

Lookit what you did! How stinkin cute is that? And I love the color! Gurl, I did not know you did RT. Wicked.

yapping cat

Holly said...

That is so cool! I'm impressed!
I envy you your find of architectural salvage.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

How cool is that?
So cool, super cool, I WANT ONE COOL!
Love it.
Visiting from Beyond the Picket Fence party.

bec4 said...

I love the color of this and the awning at the top. Thanks so much for linking up to my first party.

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Gotta love thriftiness and reinventing but being that it is Texas made and bred- makes it even better :)

Lee Laurie said...

I love it! Now I want to build one of those! Great job!

I came over from Bec4 at Beyond The Picket Fench. I really like your blog. I am a follower now.

FleaMarketTrixie said...

Love that, you did a great job, love the color!