Friday, January 22, 2010

Half table is whole again

Note the big, black circle on this pretty half table. It is a deep burn mark. I wonder what caused it. I'm thinking that it might have been one of those infamous votive candles. It took a several applications of wood filler to fill that crater.
After a good sanding or two, or three, I applied a nice, clean coat of white paint and made sure that it crackled some. She looks so much better now. I lightly sanded certain areas in keeping with the history of this sweet table.


yvonne said...

Looks great now Teresa. Speaking of half tables...I bought a whole small oval dining table for 10 dollars, cut it in half lengthwise, painted it black and now have 2 half tables, mounted one in my dining room and one in my foyer. I needed 2 tables for narrow areas and this works great. I still want to age the tables a bit, now that I see yours. Since I already painted mine what do you suggest... and they are black, will that make a difference? Thanks Teresa, love you posts.

Anonymous said...

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