Friday, July 22, 2011

More door parts repurposed

In my last post, I showed you how I repurposed the door panels. Yesterday, I repurposed the narrower horizontal portions of the door. I made them into coat racks. I just love the old wire hooks. They are so cool. I figured out a way to make the ends look more finished also. I cut the end of the board at a 45 degree angle then wacked it off straight again so that I could have something to go on the end. I cut another 45 degree angle on the end then nailed the piece to the end. I did this for both ends.
Do you know the trick to getting your hooks evenly spaced? Well, you measure the length and divide that number by how many hooks you are going to use plus one. Therefore, if you have 3 hooks, divide the length by 4. The number you get is the length of space between the ends and each hook. Just like that! I think they would look great in the laundry room or by the door.

Beyond The Picket Fence


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I love these old wire hooks, too. Great job repurposing!

The Cranky Queen said...

Great the shabbiness of old wood. Thanx for sharing! Tiffany

Sandy Michelle said...

I am kicking myself because the other day I bought base board and some iron hooks to make my coat rack. This is a way better idea and look!Sheesh!

Sandy xox