Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surrounded by castles

I've just spent the last 30 days surrounded by castles. My husband was sent to Germany to work on a project and he was gone for 3 months. I flew over and spent the month of April with him so that we could spend our 30th anniversary together.

We stayed in the small community of Bad Soden just outside of Frankfurt. Bad Soden is a charming place with lots of flowers, great restaurants, shops, and other niceties. Most everything is within walking distance and what is too far can be reached by hopping on a tram or bus or by hitching a ride with one of the project wives that have a car.

In the next few posts, I would like to share my trip with you. It was the trip of a lifetime. I hope you will join me!


Yvonne said...

How wonderful! Happy late anniversary T! My husband worked in Germany too but at the time I did not get to go. I was able to go other places overseas, England, Ireland etc., where he worked and it was quite the experience. I loved tha castles too! I'm so glad you got to go spend time with your husband. Enjoyed the photos and hope to see more.


Teresa (:)
Love the mirror shelf..oh I hear ya on the belly ache from too many cherries.. maybe not ripe enough (:) I have done that too when younger ..YOU lucky ducky Germany how wonderful ~!!

Cindy said...

Oh man, nice!!!!!! Will look forward to seeing pics, looks like it was fabulous so far!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh wow how awesome!! What a blessed way to spend your anniversary. I am looking so forward to hearing and seeing more pictures of your trip.