Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frankfurt, Germany

The hauptbahnhof is like a city all it's own. It is full of shops and restaurants and is the busiest train station in all of Germany. It serves about 350,000 per day. Wow! Those wonderful, huge pretzels are easy to find.
On the first Saturday of my Europe trip, we rode the train into Frankfurt. I didn't particularly like walking around in the red light district even though you don't really see anything. I was glad when we hoped the train again and went a little further away from the main station. We decided to have a bite to eat at the Chicago Meatpackers restaurant. It is located near the European Central Bank.
I took another trip into Frankfurt with Jan, one of the other project wives. We headed straight for the Zeil area (the mall). To get there, you ride the train until you reach the Hauptwache stop which is 3 stops past the main station stop.
The mall has some really interesting architecture.
See what I mean?
Once these trees leaf out, this is going to be a gorgeous area.
We also walked down to the river. It is very pretty there. Quite peaceful.
This shot was taken from the walking bridge. Only pedestrians and bicyclist are allowed on this bridge.
There were padlocks all over the bridge. Couples would put their names and dates on the locks and throw the keys into the river for good luck on their relationships.
Makes you want to ride in the boat, doesn't it?
Can you imagine how long it would take to put down all of these paver stones?
This is such a gorgeous area.
By the way, we left lots of euros behind. We gave that ATM a good workout.


Dawn said...

Did you manage to visit Weisbaden while there?

Attic Rat said...

No, we didn't get to Weisbaden. I was only there for a month. LOL

I would go back in a heartbeat!

antique engagement rings said...

The food looks wonderful! Love your vintage blog.