Monday, August 9, 2010

Wire basket Paparazzi

The wire baskets that I picked up at that awesome sale are getting some nice paparazzi this week. First, they were featured on ArtFire when Timely Impressions added them to her member-curated collection that she entitled Black, Red, Silver

then today. . .

. . . Alice of Time Passages featured them in her Etsy treasury, entitled Industrial Strength

Be sure to click on both of their shop names so you can see the marvelous goodies they have in their shops.

I feel so


Anonymous said...

Good Deal! Nice to see others helping you, and featuring. Congratulations!:)

Paula said...

The collection engine at Artfire is such fun, isn't it? My own house is decorated in very rustic cabin on the lake fashion, so being able to gather furnishings from other sellers and make a collection to go with the clocks was like borrowing a contemporary loft to put my stuff in. I like your baskets a lot. They remind me a bit of some vintage soap holders I am collecting to put on the wall over my laundry sink. Hmm... perhaps a shelf and some baskets would fit there, too!


Hi Teresa ..Thanks on my upcoming sissy visit...and alone at night is a little scary (:)
Love the wire baskets and goodies you have..

Diana said...

Stopping in to say hi again!