Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wimberley Market Days

I am so glad that we decided to make this trip to Wimberley. It was me, Susan, Debbie, and her daughter Amber. It's fun to have some quality "girl time". I wish I had thought to get someone to take a picture of the 4 of us. It was a miracle that I got the pictures that I did.

The first thing we had to do was to hit the Starbucks. My favorite is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I easily could have had two of them; they are so good!

On the way, we took a wrong turn. Actually, it was more like we didn't turn when we were suppose to. We turned around, and in no time, we got ourselves parked and ready to do some serious shopping. We were so giddy!

I had my cart full to the top in less than an hour. I hauled that load out to the van and started filling it up again. I hadn't been to Wimberley in 3 or 4 years and it was so nice to be there again - especially with friends. The weather was perfect . . .

. . . and the food was FABULOUS!
This is a sampling of the loot that I scored. I found two old street signs, 2 locker baskets, 2 mirror harps, a whole bunch of picture frames, some nice enamel bowls, and many more little "treasures". I also found a cute pink shelf. This shelf would make a nice towel rack for the bathroom. I couldn't resist the little tea sets. They are so dainty. Would you like one lump or two? I also found a stained glass window that had a couple of broken pieces in it, but I think for $2, it would look lovely in the garden.

Before we headed back home, we stopped in Wimberley to check out the local shops and get a Blue Bell ice cream cone. Yep. Life is GOOD!!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'll have to make it up that way next time! I had to work this weekend, so thanaks for letting me live vicariously through you! :-)


red.neck chic said...

Girl... how the heck did I miss this sale? LOL You made out like a bandit... with an ice cream cone on top!!!

Next time - I'll thumb wrestle you for the street signs! hee-hee

Looks to me like you had the perfect week-end! Thank You for sharing!!!

;-) robelyn

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How fun!!! You find the best stuff!


Oh you are always having the best time (:)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi again, Teresa :-)

Just wanted to say thanks so much for your visit, I really do appreciate your comments on my cubby post.

Have a wonderful day!

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! I'm so happy I came across your blog, it's lovely! I can't wait to follow you through life's adventures...
Smiles Friend,

Sharlotte said...

I found you at Texas Blogging Gals. I'm from the Houston area and had to stop by and say hello. I love your blog and all your amazing finds! I'll be sure to visit again!

Susan S. said...

Hey there fellow Texas blogger! Love you blog and added myself as a follower! I haven't been to Wimberely in a couple of years and now I'm JONES-ING to go. You scored some great stuff.

Olivia~ said...

Oh my your treasures are darling! Love it!

Sole said...

Oh,how fun!So many great finds...I LOVE the galvenized bins!! I live near Houston and have never been to Wimberly. I definately have to make a trip out there!:)

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Looks like fun! I need a good junking trip soon!