Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rent free housing

I've been out in the workshop playing carpenter all morning. It was quite pleasant today. I just finished my latest birdhouse condominium. This structure will be rent free and is available to any bird who would like to call it home. The taller units have false bottoms in them so that they will be easy to furnish. I don't want the bird to wear themselves out filling it with nesting material.

I make these birdhouses one-at-a-time. Since there are over 60 individual pieces, it would be just crazy to keep up with more than one.

This one is going to my booth at Third Coast Antiques since I sold the other one yesterday. *happy dance*



Teresa Howdy
I love the condo you made
'''you are good'''~!!
Glad you came by always fun to visit each other..

Sole said...

Very cute!