Thursday, March 25, 2010

Estate sale pretties

Some family friends of ours had their first day of an estate sale this morning. My DH and I went over to see what goodies we could find. Red did a lot of woodworking projects so you-know-who wanted to see what kind of tools he might find.

We arrived about 45 minutes early and still were numbers 21 and 22 so we had to stand outside drooling for awhile. I spied the wicker furniture sitting prettily in the garage and figured that I had no chance of getting it. Guess I was wrong because there you see it! There isn't a big call for chairs with no bottoms around here, so I was able to nab that. I have some ideas circulating in my brain for it. The telephone table would look lovely "shabbied" up a bit. Can't decide if I want to go pink or white. Probably white.

Estate sales can be a real adventure.


suzeeez said...

Very nice finds.

Traci said...

Great stuff! Gotta love wicker.

Laura said...

What great finds.
I did some shopping on Sunday in Warrenton, but my girls and I are going back Friday.

I am delighted to meet someone from my neck of the woods.

Do you sell in Kingsville?



Love the stuff you got great chair and stool(:)
Hugs patty