Monday, October 1, 2012

Warrenton draws me like a magnet

On Friday, my sister and I got up early and drove over to Warrenton. We saw houses for yard birds . . .
 . . . and houses for song birds.
This bench had so much cool all over it. It would be perfect on someone's front porch. It wouldn't be for mine because we barely have a porch on our house.
I even saw my sister kiss a pig. It belonged to Oleta of My Pig Flew. I scritched its snout. I certainly had no interest in kissing it even though it was a friendly pig. I guess most pigs are and I hear they make good pets. I just would have to be paid or lose a bet to kiss one.
I even spotted a metal weinie dog.
I bet Mike Wolfe would be all over this one!
Some people are just plain genious. How fun would this be as an entrance to your side yard?? I saw many, many more really fabulous items, but as usual, my camera stayed in my backpack most of the time.
Now Saturday was another story. My sister had to work so she couldn't join me for a second day of shopping fun. The radar made it look like the rain had moved east, so I decided to drive back over there only to have the sky opened up and dump some much-needed rain to the area about an hour after I arrived. It made shopping incredibly challenging. I wouldn't recommend it. You have to be made of tougher stuff than what I am made of.

The ladies that I usually see at Warrenton have moved over to Marburger Farms which opens tomorrow. I sure wish I could be there!!

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gail said...

You're so lucky to be near such fabulous places Teresa!