Thursday, June 10, 2010

Betty's Cat House

The name of this place gives me a little chuckle. Betty named her store Betty's Cat House for the section of the store that is dedicated primarily to retail cat items so get your mind out of the gutter. LOL If you look hard enough, you will also find things for the barking variety, a.k.a. dogs. What is super about this place is that it is open 7 days/week. Now we're talking.

A few days ago, I opened my 3rd booth in Corpus Christi. This one is downtown. It is surrounded by clubs and restaurants and one-way streets. On move-in day, my friend and booth partner, Shirley and I had a nice lunch of grilled mahi mahi, rice, and a wonderful salad. It was yummy!
Shirley makes beautiful handmade cards. I helped her open her own Etsy shop and now her cards are in a brick & mortar shop as well.

This is a small booth, but you would be surprised just how much can fit in. I believe that I can fit in more stuff without it getting too crowded. Now when I go to Corpus, I just hit all three spots. Number 65 was available at all 3 locations which makes things sooooo much easier. I can tag up everything, load it up, and pull out just what I want. It's all ready to go. If something fits better at one of the other locations - NO PROBLEM! I just load it up and take it to the other location.

Joan still shares the booth with me at Third Coast Antiques. When she recovers from her shoulder surgery, we will all go have some good girl time. Maybe we can get a big group of us together. It will be FUN!



HI teresa (:)
Oh love the little booth it is set up lovely ..
I used to have alittle Antique Booth in a ''HUGE''
Antique Mall..
it was fun displaying things creatively.. (:)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, three booths! I admire you!
Hope you sell lots and lots! :-)

Donna said...

Hi Teresa,
Your booth looks beautiful! We were in Corpus a few years ago visiting hubby's sister, and I remember going in some really neat shops! Best of luck with yours. thanks so much for visiting, and for your nice comments!

Lynn MacKerell said...

Hi Teresa.
I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading your posts! I am a new antiques dealer (my second career) at an antiques mall and have a new blog. Please check it out at . I look forward to your future posts.