Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nest building

My sister is starting to scout cool things out for me now. She says "WWTD" - what would Teresa do? She found some big, chunky wooden picture frames and wondered what I would come up with for them. I'm glad that she snagged them for me. It's funny how easily I am excited over old stuff. I jumped up and down when she handed them to me. I know; it's pathetic.

I had been warned not to put bleach on vintage linens but they were all stained and thought it would be fine. No, it wasn't. The bleach ate the delicate stitching on some family linens. Since they were no longer going to be family heirlooms, I decided that I would just need to create something with them. They told me that they would love to be backdrops for my next project. They were the first things that went into my Feather Your Nest piece. I fixed up the nest while the sweet little bird looked on.


Colleen Hickey said...

Ohhh that's a shame about the stitching! Good to know, though.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, I just LOVE this Feather your Nest collage!!!---it's just beautiful! Isn't it great when you can make something lovely from something that might have otherwise been wrecked?
Smiles, Karen