Wednesday, February 4, 2009

15 hearts in 3 days

I listed this locker basket less than 3 days ago and it already has 15 hearts. How about that? I picked them up when I went to the Dallas market. I could only get a handful of them because we had to park several blocks away in a parking garage. They would make wonderful storage bins.


~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Teresa~~

OH great news (:)
that basket is darling
...yes I bet you could sell a zillion of em~~
glad you came over today..
hugs Patty

Lori said...

i love those baskets!!!

Altered Kat said...

Cool basket and congrats on the hearts...well deserved! You are loved! :o)
It's always so nice to hear from you.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love the basket! Especially nice without the smelly gym socks! :)

Linda Crispell said...

You can add my heart!